Why Join?

Crucial Design

Design your clinical and animal data collection to be ready for clinical trials and acceptable to the FDA.

Expert Access

Consult with researchers, regulators and industry representatives for best pre-clinical readiness practices

Move Faster

Collaborate with other organizations and consortia working on rare genetic non-verbal neurodevelopmental disorders to share expertise, experts, and resources.

Want to join forces with this mighty crew?

How to Join

Non-Profit Foundations

Are you a foundation, led by patient advocates, looking to join forces with other foundations, researches and drug developers in effort to fast-track cures and therapies for the rare genetic neurodevelopmental disorder your organization represents?

For Profit Foundations

Do you work in the field of drug development and want to join this mighty collaboration of researchers, clinicians, and patient advocacy foundations in our race to find cures and therapies for rare genetic neurodevelopmental disorders?

Individual & Academic Membership

Are you interested in or currently working on research for a rare genetic neurodevelopmental disorder?

Membership Fees

COMBINEDBrain is a registered non-profit. The organization was launched through a donation by the founder. It is now supported by membership fees, sponsorships and grants. We do not seek contributions from individuals, but instead encourage individuals to donate to our member organizations!

 Membership annual dues are based on your non-profit organization’s estimated gross annual revenue, or your for-profit corporation’s estimated annual budget.

The value of a COMBINEDBrain membership is outlined here

Membership Type 2024 Annual Dues
Individual Membership Dues $50
Non-Profit Organizations
Annual gross revenue less than $25,000 $50
Annual gross revenue between $25,001-$50,000 $175
Annual gross revenue between $50,001-$100,000 $350
Annual gross revenue between $100,001-$250,000 $550
Annual gross revenue between $250,001-$500,000 $800
Annual gross revenue between $500,001-$750,000 $1150
Annual gross revenue between $750,001-$1,000,000 $1500
Annual gross revenue between $1,000,001-$2,000,000 $1700
Annual gross revenue greater than $2,000,001 $2000
For Profit Organizations
Annual Budget $<2,000,000 $1,000
Annual Budget $2-$5,000,000 $5,000
Annual Budget $5-10,000,000 $10,000
Annual Budget >$10,000,000 $20,000

There are three classes of memberships in COMBINEDBrain:

  • Patient Advocacy Groups – Organizations representing rare genetic neurodevelopmental or pediatric neurological disorders. They must be registered charities, 501c3, or represented through a fiduciary sponsor (such as Rare Village). COMBINEDBrain will not limit the number of PAGs representing a given disorder.
  • Industry Advisors – For-profit organizations working to develop treatments for the types of disorders represented by PAG members.
  • Individuals – Persons such as researchers, consultants or students who may attend in-person meetings and receive the newsletter, but may not participate in projects, such as the Biorepository, without PAG sponsorship.

Note: At this time, collaborating vendors such as for-profit or non-profit organizations which provide services to PAGs or Industry (CRO’s, data platforms, laboratories) may not obtain membership.